Komagum Richard Alin, 17

My name is Komagum Richard Alin age 17.  I am an orphan.

My sister Lakot Scovia is head of our family of four and has been looking after all us younger siblings since she was less than  14 years old.

I have 1 other sister who is 15 Anena Susan, and a younger brother Okello Jimmy now 14. They both go to the Broadway school in Padibe.

DO! have been helping us since I was 10 years old

Please help me get out of my life of extreme poverty  by giving me a skill and a viable future.

I want to be a builder.

Vocational school training is not free. It is beyond our family’s ability to pay because the fees are too high to be supported by our subsistence farming. The nearest school training builders is in Kitgum which is 30 kilometres away. This distance means I will have to board at Vocational School during term time, which makes it expensive.

There is demand for builders as the Akobi community still needs to rebuild infrastructure and houses after the long running Lord’s Resistance Army Civil War. Please help me with the cost of the course fees, requirements and training tools. To a recognised Diploma Level qualification which takes 2 years the costs are £1,200 .

A total of £1,200 to enable me to be qualified and earn a living that takes me out of poverty.